Jungle’s Wish List for 2024

Embark on an adventure with Jungle’s Wish List for 2024, where your support and contribution can make a lasting impact!

Stretch Tent for Events & Festivals: Help us create magical atmospheres for our events and festivals by contributing towards a stretch tent.

Arts and Crafts Supplies: Ignite creativity by providing essential arts and crafts supplies, including paints, brushes, feathers, craft paper, glue sticks, glue guns, scissors, fabric, sequins, ribbons, and more.

Be the Title Sponsor: Become the driving force behind JTC’s Annual African Folktales Festival or our yearly Creative Arts Club Programme. Your financial backing or in-kind support will be met with exclusive marketing exposure, showcasing your commitment to the arts.

Vehicle Repair – Body Work: Support our mobility by helping with vehicle repair and bodywork, ensuring we can reach more communities and spread the joy of the arts.

JTC Resource Development: Contribute to the expansion of our resource library of storybooks, audios, story cards, and aid in their translation and printing. Your support will enhance the quality of our programmes and educational programs.

Puppet, Props, and Costume Repairs: Keep the magic alive by supporting the maintenance and repair of our beloved puppets, props, and costumes, ensuring they continue to captivate audiences.


Please contact us if you can support by emailing: admin@jungletheatre.co.za