Thank you for visiting our donation page.

We would like to make donating as easy as possible for you and have three different donation options as follows:

  1. For a once off or monthly donation through Back A Buddy Click Here
  2. For a Payfast donation click your preferred donate button below:

R500     – 5 underprivileged children get to see a Jungle show in a theatre

R1 000  – 1 underprivileged child gets to be part of a Jungle drama club for a term

R5 000  – 350 underprivileged children get to see a Jungle show at their school

3. For deposit into our bank account use the below details:

Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Jungle Theatre Company
Account Number: 4063565904
Branch Code: 632005
Account type: Cheque

We have 18A Tax Exemption and any donations from R1,200 are eligible for a tax deduction and may be issued with a section 18A certificate.

Please note that your donation is Tax Deductible limited to 10% of your or your company’s taxable income.