vision statement

To contribute towards a world in which people are socially, culturally and environmentally conscious and active.

mission statement

To inspire young people to understand and care for community, culture and nature by sharing and encouraging participation in original African theatre, presented using context-appropriate mediums and local performing artists.

company description

We are an established NPO with more than 20 years’ experience. Our artistic team is skilled in creating, performing and facilitating theatre shows and workshops for children, families and youth workers. Drawing on our diverse cultural heritage, we move people to find connections to our environment and shared humanity.


  1. Original African theatre productions for children and young people on social, cultural and environmental themes;
  2. Theatre workshops for children, young people and adults;
  3. Creative arts clubs with children for children;
  4. Holiday programmes – fun with theatre making;
  5. Theatre skills training for adults working with children and young people;
  6. Resources including – colouring-in books, story cards, activity books, audio recordings and videos, that are aligned to the CAPS School curriculum.

strategic objectives 2024 – 2026

  1. Expand JTC’s impact.
  2. Broaden awareness of JTC, it’s programmes and performance.
  3. Consolidate organizational strengthening.
  4. Ensure continued access and inclusion to JTC’s programmes by emphasizing live theatre and in-person interventions.