Jungle Theatre Company was established as an NPO in 2004 to inspire
and empower disadvantaged children & youth to make positive changes in
their lives and build a peaceful and vibrant South Africa.

JTC’s professional artistic team from diverse communities draw on South Africa’s cultural heritage and indigenous languages to find connections to the environment and human nature, creating and performing original accessible African children’s theatre shows that bring together music, dance, masks, puppets, clowning and storytelling.

These performances raise awareness, inspire learning and motivate children and youth to participate in workshops and performing arts training resulting in; developing life skills; building self-confidence and creating opportunities.

We partner with educational, social, environmental, health and arts organizations and get financial support from government, private trusts, foundations and individuals.

JTC offers the following products:

  1. Original African theatre productions for children and young people on social, cultural and environmental themes;
  2. Theatre workshops for children, young people and adults;
  3. Theatre skills training for adults working with children and young people;
  4. Performing arts clubs with children for children.

033-014-NPO / PBO: 930007615

What People Say

“An amazing and fun play with an important message that enchanted both learners and teachers alike.” – Ms. Pringle, Tafelsig Primary – Toe Leeu Kon Vlieg

“The singing, the masks and the gentle nature of all the creatures. Thank you, this was beautiful!” – Bridget Steffen – Python and the Qunube Tree


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