Captain Kwanda’s Fanplastic Adventures

In partnership with Captain Fanplastic and based on their book “The Legend of Captain Fanplastic” Jungle Theatre Company is currently rehearsing a new show called Captain Kwanda’s Fanplastic Adventures. The story is a fun way for young learners to understand the effects of ocean pollution and climate change also empowering them with practicable steps they can take to make a difference.

Captain Kwanda and his turtle friend, Fin, sail around the Cape coast and beyond in search of sunken treasures from old shipwrecks. Suddenly a strange storm brews when the Ocean Spirit, Lwandle, pays them a visit and gives Kwanda the power to speak to all ocean creatures. They are sent on a quest to help sea animals affected by plastic pollution. Captain Kwanda is rewarded with a different treasure and earns a new name – Captain Fanplastic.

The show is approx 35-40 minutes in duration and told using English, Afrikaans, and isiXhosa, with fun songs and dance. It is most suitable for Foundation phase learners but may be enjoyed by children of all ages. A post-show workshop will also be made available. The show will be launched on Saturday, 22 June at the Homecoming Centre and performed at JTC’s African Folktales Festival this June. Bookings can be made by clicking here.

directed by:

Heather Gielink

currently starring:

Noxolo Magadla, Marvin Safoor, Beviol Swartz and Siphesande Mkokose

funded by:

  • C Meyburgh