Giraffe and Sunbird

Giraffe and Sunbird is a new play based on a children’s book written by Daniel Oosthuizen. It was inspired by the stories and wild animals of KwaZulu. It is about two vastly different characters, the gangly Giraffe, and the talkative Sun bird. Giraffe is teased and pushed away by his family and friends, and he finds himself lonely and sad. Sunbird is so chatty and sociable she ends up getting lost in the forest. Thanks to the clever field mouse these two outsider characters find each other. They use their different talents on their adventure home. Helping each other to find their way and ending up falling in love with each other in the process. The children learn about bullying, friendship, diversity, wild animals, African languages, and music.

Giraffe and Sunbird is 40 minutes in duration and is best suited for Grades R-3.

“The show was absolutely fantastic. Jungle Theatre provides a deep enriching experience for all.” – Imhoff Waldorf teacher

Giraffe and Sunbird was first showcased at the African Folktales Festival in March 2022 at the Masque Theatre and is currently available for bookings.

directed by:

Vincent Meyburgh

currently starring:

Mario Matiya, Naledi Tlailane and Gershan Lombard

funded by:

  • Department of Sports, Arts & Culture