Introduction to Resources

Welcome to our resources! Watch a video of JTC’s Artistic Director Vincent Meyburgh introducing the “Jungle Keeps Telling Stories” campaign here.

We have a number of exciting ways for you and your children/ learners to enjoy all the folktales we use to create our theatre productions.

  • Listen to a storytelling audio: these recordings are great for children to listen with their eyes closed and their imaginations open or while doing an arts and craft activity. Artists have taken the scripts of our shows and found ways to tell them as storytelling. Some include music. These are audio files so they use less data than video.
  • Read the story as an e-book: these are short written versions of the story some with beautiful illustrations. Great for parents or caregivers to read aloud for children.
  • Watch a storytelling video/photo’s/pictures: Some of these are video’s and others are audio’s with photos of performances and illustrations to look at while listening.
  • Do activities relating to the story: these are theatre exercises that you can do with children based on the stories. Get them to share the story with you and get them moving and expressing what they felt it with their bodies and voices.

Some of these resources are ready for you and your children to enjoy now. We are working on creating all versions and stories in English, Afrikaans, and isiXhosa. Have fun!