post-show workshops

After our performances the children are excited and energetic. Their imaginations are alive and their bodies are keen to move. They want to express themselves. These children tend to participate more fully in workshops that give them an opportunity to stay in the imaginary world of the story.

In these workshops, which are approximately 45 minutes to an hour in duration with one class, the children get to re-tell the story they have experienced in their own words and in their mother tongue with plenty of creative license. They  become some of the characters; dance the dance and sing the song.

The post show workshops are an effective way for children to be introduced to performing arts skills within the context of play. The themes and content of the productions are expanded on and the learning is deepened through the vocal and physical expression of the children. Teachers are also welcomed to participate in or watch the workshop and learn a trick or two that they may use in the class room going forward.