Python and the Qunube Tree

Python and the Qunube Tree is based on an African folktale. When a terrible drought leaves all the animals on the brink of starvation, Python’s Qunube tree is the only food that survives. Surprisingly, little tortoise saves the day with his special talent, breaking the cycle of the drought and freeing the Qunube berries for all the animals to eat. This story is told in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa with a large python puppet, hilarious animal masks and beautiful singing. The children learn about sharing, perseverance, trust, and that we all have talents that need to be discovered.  The show is 40 minutes in duration and suitable for kids all ages but most suitable for children aged 6+.


“Totally enthralled from beginning to end – to the sound, movement, colour and story!” – Linde Wilson

The show was re-developed during the course of 2018 and performed on Youth Day in Theewaterskloof (Grabouw); at the Bruce Road Recreation Centre in Ottery for Recreation and Parks beneficiaries and at the Masque Theatre in October as part of the Muizenberg Children’s Art Festival. Since then it has been performed at the Zabalaza Festival and as part of Jungle’s African Folktales Festival.

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currently starring:

Siyawandisa Badi, Naledi Tlailane, Marvin Safoor and Mario Matiya.

funded by:

  • AfrikaBurn
  • City of Cape Town – Arts & Culture
  • Zabalaza Festival
  • National Lotteries Commission