Mantis and the Bee

Mantis and the Bee is based on a folktale of the San people.  It is a visual, musical and humorous exploration of /Xam mythology and the origin of life. Experience the haunting music, the real dance, the mysterious masks, and the Khoikhoi language. Join an action-adventure into a world before the earth was created. Discover the magic hidden inside the stories of the first people.

The show is 45 minutes in duration and has an accompanying interactive workshop.

The story was told at the African Folktales for Children event in March 2019 and the show made its debut during JTC’s June holiday program. Further performances & workshops took place at the end of July and during the September school holidays.

We are currently working on an Afrikaans version of the show at the moment and will be taking the new version to primary schools in the Plett and Knysna area this November.


“It was amazing to hear one of the first languages.”

Bookings are now open for 2020! The cost is R3 000 with a maximum of 400 learners per show.

Bookings are made on a first come first serve bases.

Directed by: Joce Engelbrecht

Currently Starring: Siya Badi, Monray Davids,  Zizipho Gcasamba, Naledi Tlailane and Gershan Lombard.

Funded by:

  • National Lotteries Commission
  • L&S Chiappini Trust